Alissa has spent 35 years working to eliminate poverty, promote cross-cultural understanding, invest in youth, protect the environment, and promote civil rights.

After graduating from Stanford, Alissa spent several years doing community development in Indonesian villages. She then earned a Masters in Public Health in Hawaii, worked in Hawaiian nonprofits and the Hawaii legislature, and ran an international exchange organization in California.

Alissa and her husband, Neal, moved into their Mt. Tabor home in 1994 when Neal became the head of Mercy Corps. While Alissa has volunteered for Mercy Corps around the world, most of her professional and volunteer time has been devoted to the state, city, and community where she and Neal raised their three children.

Since 1994, Alissa has worked with hundreds of parents, neighbors, non-profit advocates, and decision makers at the city, county, state, and federal level to invest in early childhood, public education, and healthy neighborhoods.


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