Alissa’s life work has focused on fixing the very same challenges that the Oregon Legislature addresses.

Her record demonstrates a history of bringing together multi-sector partners and voices from affected communities to promote innovative and evidence-based solutions.

Alissa’s history of employment and volunteer positions in Oregon includes:

Oregon Solutions Program Manager

Brought together public and private leaders from around the state to rebuild the flooded Vernonia Schools as an economic driver for the community.

Portland Children’s Levy Collaboration Chair

Supported “Cradle to Career” and other initiatives to align education and social services, while allocating $12 million/yr to support 16,000 at-risk children.

Northwest Health Foundation Board
Oversee disbursement of millions of dollars annually to dozens of community groups improving health outcomes for people across Oregon.

Multnomah County Children & Families Commissioner
Helped spearhead Oregon’s first comprehensive child care assessment program.

Hanna Andersson Children’s Foundation Director
Designed employee-driven grant process to donate 5% of company profits to local programs.

Saturday Academy Outreach Founder
Launched after-school program to increase math and science skills of minority students.

School and Community Activist
As PTA chair at Atkinson Elementary, worked with school and neighborhood leaders to build a playground, create gardens, and convert a meth front into the Tabor Commons Café au Play community center.


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