Many Oregonians are struggling with low wage jobs; rising health insurance; overcrowded public K-12 schools; a lack of affordable housing, child care and higher education; and crumbling infrastructure. To tackle these fundamental challenges and support a strong middle class, Alissa works with state and community leaders to shape the following priorities:

Growing Oregon’s Economy 

Oregon needs targeted investments to compete in the world economy.

  • Make Oregon a leader in the emerging green economy by investing in public transit, energy-efficient buildings, sustainable natural resources, agriculture, and renewable energy infrastructure
  • Create living wage jobs by increasing local capital and loan participation to businesses ready to expand in Oregon
  • Invest in multi-modal transportation infrastructure, seismic preparedness, affordbale housing, public education facilities, and brownfield development
  • Increase investment dollars and state revenue stability through tax reform

Investing in Our Children

Oregon needs a world-class public education system to prepare our youth for a vibrant future.

  • Reverse years of under-funding education at all levels
  • Promote PE, the arts, school nurse programs, CTE, and community service in K-12 schools
  • Align early childhood, K-12, and post-secondary systems
  • Ensure that education is geared for the 21st century workforce

Promoting Healthy Families & Communities 

Oregon needs comprehensive public health, human service, and public safety strategies.

  • Promote long term health by increasing access to nutritious foods, exercise, a clean environment, and a livable community
  • Reduce domestic, sexual, and gun violence in our communities
  • Increase access to housing, public transportation, and vital services for seniors, people with disabilities, and vulnerable populations
  • Transform health care delivery by integrating physical, behavioral and oral healthcare
  • Make health care more affordable by lowering costs and providing access to health insurance ofr all low income populations
  • Protect civil rights, including women, LGBTQ folks, people of color, and immigrant and refugees

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