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American Federation of Teachers (AFT-Oregon)
Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
Oregon Walks
Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC
Communication Workers of America 7901
EMILY’s List
NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC
Oregon AFL-CIO (2012, 2014)
Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon Association of Nurseries PAC
Oregon Education Association (OEA)
Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV)
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens PAC
Oregon State Police Officer Association
Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon
Portland Association of Teachers (PAT)
Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
Social Workers PAC (SWPAC)
SEIU Local 49
Sierra Club
Stand for Children (2012, 2014)
Violence Against Women PAC
Willamette Women Democrats

Elected Officials

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon
U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon
Former Governor of Oregon Barbara Roberts
U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District, Oregon
U.S. Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, 1st District, Oregon
Oregon Governor Kate Brown
State Senator Diane Rosenbaum (Senate District 21)
Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish
Former Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen
Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury
State Representative Ann Lininger
Former State Senator Jackie Dingfelder (Senate District 23)
State Senator Mark Hass (Senate District 14)
State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (Senate District 17)
State Senator Michael Dembrow (House District 45)
Former Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey
State Representative Peter Buckley (House District 5)
State Representative Margaret Doherty (House District 35)
State Representative Lew Frederick (House District 43)
State Representative Mitch Greenlick (House District 33)
Former State Representative Chris Harker (House District 34)
State Representative Betty Komp (House District 22)
Former State Representative Carolyn Tomei (House District 41)
Former Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder (Metro District 5)
Portland Public Schools Board Member Pamela Knowles
Former Portland Public Schools Board Member Matt Morton

Former Elected Officials

Pauline Anderson (former Multnomah County Commissioner)
Chris Beck (former Oregon State Representative)
Brent Barton (former Oregon State Representative)
Ben Cannon (former State Representative, House District 46)
Jane Cease (former Oregon State Senator)
Ron Cease (former Oregon State Representative)
Tom Potter (former Mayor of Portland and former Chief of Police)
Julia Brim-Edwards (former Portland Public Schools Board Member Chair)
Randall Edwards (former State Treasurer)
David Bragdon (former Metro President)
Avel Gordley (former Oregon State Senator, Senate District 23)
Jim Francesconi (former Portland City Commissioner)
Sue Hagmeier (former Portland Public Schools Board Member)
Bev Stein (former Multnomah County Chairperson)
Mary Wendy Roberts (former Commissioner, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries)
Dick Springer (former Oregon State Senator)

Community Members

Vanetta Abdellatif (Health Advocate)
Thomas Aschenbrener (Public Health Advocate)
James Barta (Political Organizer)
Constance Beaumont (Transportation Advocate)
Johnell Bell
Eileen Brady (Co-Founder, New Seasons Markets)
Susan Bragdon
John Branam (Education Advocate)
Martha Brooks (Youth Advocate)
Arlin Brown (Psychiatrist, Retired)
Theo Burke (Political Organizer and Journalist)
Clifford Carlsen
Catherine Canera
Beth Crane (Health Advocate)
Molly Cliff Hilts (Cofounder Portland Brooklyn Project)
Sean Cruz (Activist/Writer/Editor)
Mike Delman (Community Activist)
Gun Denhart (Founder, Hanna Andersson)
Colleen Davis (Youth Advocate)
Phil Dollar
Scott Exo
Patty Farrell (Communications Consultant)
Lisa Frack
Liz Fuller
Sharon Gary-Smith (Philanthropy Leader)
Jerry Gabay (Mental Health Advocate)
Carol Gelfer (Public Health Consultant)
Jim Gillen (Yoga instructor)
Michele Goodman (Community Volunteer)
Craig & Mindy Gramberg
Sarah Granger (Public Schools Advocate)
Amy Gredler (Public Health Advocate)
Roberto Gutierrez
Luisa Guyer (Arts Administrator)
Barb Hall (Philanthropist)
Brett Hamilton (Public Health Advocate)
Karin Hansen (Education Advocate)
Dena Hellums (Education Advocate)
Mary Lou Hennrich (Public Health Advocate)
Ashley Henry
Charles Heying
Mark Holloway (Social Venture Partners)
Kellie Johnson (Attorney)
Lauren Johnson (Youth Advocate)
Kevin Jeans-Gail (Education Advocate)
Candice Jordan
Sam Kahl (Community Activist)
Marvin Kaiser
Teddy Keizer (Vice Chair, Multnomah County Democrats)
Matt Krinbring (Human Services)
Kali Ladd (PCC School Board)
Jensine Larsen (Global Women’s Rights Advocate)
Don and Loanne Lehmann
Paul Leistner (Community Activist)
Charles Levveque III
Charles Lewis (founder, ETHOS Music Center)
Jonathan Lindgren
Hollis MacLean-Wenzel
Nicole Maher (Community Advocate)
Kathleen Maloney (International Human Rights and Criminal Law Professor)
Stacey McConlogue (Public Health Advocate)
Mary Kyle McCurdy
Charlene McGee (Public Health Advocate)
Charles McGee
Emily McLain (Student Advocate)
John McLaughlin
Kathleen Miller
Libbey Miller
Randy Miller (Business Owner)
Marcia Mulvey (Early Childhood Advocate)
Noela Nalujjuna (Accountant)
Kris Nelson
Robert Neuner (Senior Services)
Mia Neuse
Thomas Le Ngo (Community Activist)
Steve Packer
Mark and Maureen Peterson
David Pollock (Entrepreneur)
Jennifer Pultz
Regan Ransom-Heamans
Kate Raphael
Leslie Rennie-Hill (Education Consultant)
Billy Don Robinson
Linda Robinson Community Advocate)
Margy Robinson (Public Health Advocate)
Shelli Romero (Transportation Advocate)
Johna Rossetto
Anne Rothert (Child Care Advocate)
Carmen Rubio (Youth Advocate)
Meg Ruby (Environmental Advocate)
Jennifer Ruwart (Founder, Moyo Jasiri)
Consuelo Saragoza
Jeremy Sarant
Bernice Schuchardt (Intercultural Programs)
Annah Sidigu (Singer-Songwriter)
Mark Singer (Teacher)
Marc Smiley
R.P. Joe Smith (Attorney, retired)
Susie Snyder (Portland State University Professor)
Kay Sohl (Child Care Advocate)
Susan Sokol Blosser
John Springer (former Democratic Party of Oregon Technical Director)
Rosie Stephens
Anne Stone (Child Advocate)
Dave Striar (Human Services)
Kathleen Taylor (State Representative)
Elizabeth (Betse) Thielman
Joshua Todd (Youth Policy Advocate)
Keith Vann (Anti-Poverty Advocate)
Lisa Warmington
Jill Weir (Youth Advocate)
Doug Wells (Education Advocate)
Ron Williams
Bing Wong (District Leader, Multnomah County Democrats)
Donnella Wood
Sally Yee
Mari Yerger
Julie Young (Early Childhood Advocate)
Lisa Zuniga (Public Schools Advocate)


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